Our menu


Smoked Chicken Wings - 10 jumbo wings$8.99
Stumpy's Skins - Piled high with your choice of pork or chicken, topped with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and red onions$8.49
Stumpy's Nachos - A generous portion of tortilla chips, covered with Stumpy's beans, pork, chicken and smothered in nacho cheese (jalapeños available)$8.49
Fried pickles - Our own dill wedges, hand-dipped, breaded, and fried Southern-style, served with a side of ranch dressing. So delicious, Stumpy calles them "frickels"$5.99
Sampler Platter - Nachos, wings, and potato skins$10.99
Fried green beans - Fresh green beans dipped in a toasted onion batter and deep fried. Served with ranch.$5.99
Chicken Tenders - Premium boneless chicken breast strips breaded and golden fried$7.99


Dinner Salad - Crisp iceberg tossed salad topped with a tomato$3.99
Stumpy Salad - Tossed salad topped with cheddar cheese, red onion and choice of pulled pork or chicken$7.99

Dressings: house (red wine vinegarette), ranch, low-calorie ranch or Stumpy's original BBQ sauce


Beef Brisket$8.49
Pulled Pork$7.99
Pulled Chicken$7.99
Turkey Club$8.49
Stumpy Special Sandwich - Tender pulled pork or chicken smothered in our famous Stumpy's Original BBQ sauce and topped with our special cole slaw on the sandwich$8.49
Extra meat$1.00


Pulled pork$7.99$9.99
Pulled chicken$7.99$9.99
Turkey plate$8.49$10.99
Andouille sausage plate$8.49$10.99
Beef brisket plate$8.49$10.99
Half chicken plate$10.99
Pork steak plate$10.99
Chicken wing plate(5 wings)
(10 wings)
Rib plate - Premium St. Louis-style, smoked to perfection with our special rub.(3 bones)
(5 bones)
Combination Plate - Choose any three meats (pulled chicken, pulled pork, brisket, ribs, Andouille sausage, or turkey)$12.99

All plates served with garlic bread and choice of two: fries, cole slaw, potato salad, Stumpy's beans, green beans, or fried corn cobettes


Cheese fries$2.99
Sweet potato fries$2.99
Garlic bread (4 pieces)$1.59

Potato salad, cole slaw, Stumpy's BBQ beans or green beans are available in …

IndividualCupPintQuart½ gallon
Cole slaw$2.49$3.59$5.29$9.29$16.99
Stumpy's BBQ beans$2.49$3.59$5.29$9.29$16.99
Green beans$2.49$3.59$5.29$9.29$16.99
Potato salad$2.49$3.59$5.29$9.29$16.99


Seasonal fruit cobbler$4.49

Stumpy's spreads

All Stumpy's spreads include 3 pints of your choice of Stumpy's beans, green beans, potato salad or slaw, and garlic bread for 4-6 people

No. 1 - One slab of ribs and one whole chicken$39.99
No. 2 - Beef brisket and pulled pork or chicken$39.99
No. 3 - ½ slab of ribs, turkey & pulled pork or chicken$39.99
No. 4 - Pulled pork or chicken and andouille sausage$39.99

Other deals

Party time - 2 slabs of ribs and 1 pound of meat; 2 quart sides; 12 pieces of garlic bread$49.99
Family feast - ribs (8 bones), ½ chicken, brisket or turkey, garlic bread, 3 sides$33.99 each

By the pound

Pulled Pork or Chicken$12.99
Andouille Sausage$14.99


Served with garlic bread and one side.

Half slab$12.99
Full slab$21.99


Served with garlic bread and one side.

Half chicken$9.99
Whole chicken$13.99

Stumpy's wings

Served with your choice of sauce.

25 Jumbo Wings$21.99
50 Jumbo Wings$42.99
100 Jumbo Wings$71.99


Proudly serving Coca-Cola products

24 oz. fountain$1.99
20 oz. bottle$2.39
2 liter bottle$3.59
Sweet tea, tea or coffee$1.99
Bottled beerBud, Bud Light, Bud Select$2.99
Bucket of five$12.99